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The majority of photos used in this website were taken in June and July of 2007. We endeavour to replace and update photos as formations change, but cannot always do so. Note that the formations may have changed since these images were taken.

Guardian of the Archipeligo

Entry Island is the least populated of the developed islands in the Magdalen Archipeligo. Other than modest fishing and agricultural enterprises, the island is mostly known for sightseeing.

Boats run daily from Cap-Aux-Meules. If you want to explore the island, plan to do so on foot, or bring a bicycle. Soaring cliffs on the north, east, and south sides of the island, an historic lighthouse, and beautiful green hills are the prime attractions on Île d'Entrée.

Above, a view of Île d'Entrée rising from the mist; photo taken from Les Demoiseles on Havre Aubert.

Below, a music video that will give you some glimpses of Entry Island, the main beach, and at the very end a look at the scenic church area. Please note you have to click the little arrow twice to get the video to play.